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Complement Your Traditional Flowback Equipment

                                                With State-of-the-Art Environmental Equipment from Hughes

When Jason Hughes of Hughes Specialty Services began flowing wells as a contractor in the oil industry, he also began acquiring equipment of his own. Hughes Specialty Services now provides some of the best flowback equipment in the industry, including the unique Hughes-design Enviro Units. Contact us to purchase or rent this equipment for use in your oil well operation. Our flowback and petroleum services equipment is like new and will operate according to your expectations every time. Our insured and experienced flowhands will rig-up and rig-down the equipment for your job. They will stay with the equipment as long as you need. Because we have our own trucks, there is never a need to wait for equipment delivery or removal.

Flowback Equipment:

 • Flowback Tanks with Full Iron Setup
 • Single Buster for Lower Pressure Wells
 • Double Buster Tanks for High 
   Pressure & Horizontal Wells
 • Sand Separators
 • Environmental Units
 • Steamers
 • Gate Valves &  Plug Valves
 • Iron

Enviro Units
Environmental units are the way of the future. The 100% environmentally friendly Enviro Units were designed by Jason Hughes, owner of Hughes Specialty Services. These unique ventless systems allow no gasses to escape. Emissions from oil production never enter the atmosphere and contribute to environmental problems.


Gate Valves, Flowback Equipment in Sayre, OK

Enviro Units handle a higher fluid and gas rate than any other equipment on the market, which allows it to work with a variety of wells, regardless of sand quantity. Utilizing a 4-phase separator that bleeds off the sand into pits to prevent unwanted emissions, the Enviro Unit is the best on the market. Implement this equipment into your operation at a more cost-effective daily rate than any of our competitors provide for less advanced equipment. It can be rigged up the day the well starts and can remain through every stage of the project. 

Procure the flowback equipment you need for your oil or gas operation from our company in Sayre, Oklahoma.